Proposal Submission



Paper summaries are a maximum of 750 words on:

a) “Proposal Information/Research/Questions and Theoretical Approach” (350 words);

b) “Methods” (200 words);

and c) “Conclusion & Findings, Scientific Significance” (200 words) in addition to the paper title, information on the authors, and so forth. Up to ten references may be included in the summary, and must be set forth in the reference list.

Also, a 250-word abstract suitable for publication must be submitted. For multiply-authored papers, the first author of the paper is responsible for submission, even if that individual is not the paper presenter.

Indicate the type of abstract that you are submitting during the submission process: individual presentation for parallel sessions and poster presentations.

Individual presentation for the parallel sessions
Individual papers have 20 minutes: 15 for the presentation, 5 for questions.

We strongly encourage the submission of abstracts for posters. We aim to raise the profile of posters at our conference since we value them as equal to other forms of presentation, and we believe that they tend to receive more feedback than individual papers. All posters will be listed in the book of abstracts, and there will be a dedicated area and time slot for discussion of poster presentations. There will also be a 350TL prize for best poster displayed at the conference.


There will be three panels on the topics.below:

Language Planning & Policy

Reflections of Applied Linguistics Research on Language Education

Research Paradigms in Applied Linguistics Research

Cultural Studies



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